MOBIENTE is a Romanian company established in 1995, specialized in production of knitwear and textile garments, with awell known tradition in this domain, gathering knowledge and experience in knitwear and textile confections for men, woman and children.

We are one of the few factories from Europe that can realize in fully integrated system knit, textile garments and combined products with lace, silk, leather or any other kinds of combinations

The department of knitwear production disposes of all the machines needed in order to make knitted garments at the best quality. The estimated production capacity is about 45.000 pieces/month of ended produts. We have embroidery machines in order to make all types of embroidery, custom embroidery on knit and on any other materials.

In the department of textile confectionwe make all kind of products, such as: blazers, pants, blouses, shirts, t-shirts, skirts, sportswear, outdoor clothing, equipment for hunting of fishing and others. The estimated production capacity is about 25.000 pieces/month.


In order to process cashmere, alpaca, wool, cotton and other blends, our washing and drying department is equipped with 2015 last generation MIELE professional washing machines and tumble dryers

For other operations, we have the necessary machinery for manufacturing at high standards and quality any knitted products, regardless of the complexity.

some FACTS

21 years


150 employees


45.000 pieces/month

Knitwear department production

25.000 pieces/month

woven garments